Friday, 29 July 2011

I've not finished my assignment and I've fallen over

The first time walking into town after flu, my foot slipped out of my Crocs and I tripped over the shoes and the feet and hit the pavement heavily with my face.The bruising and scabbing is awful - my sister thinks I should tell people I have had a face-lift. Why would I want that? But I might need one if the face does not recover.

I'm glad I had the photo for the library card taken last week when I was still beautiful (?).

Meanwhile I am writing a big assignment - comparing the language in a Daily Mail article with an article on the same subject from the Socialist Worker. They are obviously both biased but unpicking the technical ways they do this is fascinating. I am still short on word count, which is unusual for me.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Well - its started

The invitation to the face-to-face day has arrived. I'm nearly launched back on the campus scene. OMG!!

Needed to send in a pic for my university library card. Got TSH (Totally Supportive Husband) to take a few in the morning. Still reasonably awake, fresh make-up and hair etc. Didn't look too bad in the end, so sent one off.

Didn't do too well with my essay today - had flu and am still tired. I've taken on a lot to celebrate my 60th year - holidys to China, Oxford, Paris, Spain. Also an extra undergraduate course, which overlaps with MA course in September (when we're also going to Paris and Spain).