Friday, 29 June 2012


I got 63 for my grammar, which is at the higher end of average, so that's fine by me. Some of the comments were a bit scathing - I called the passive a tense when its a voice, which actually I know perfectly well. So there are a lot of improvements I could make to my next effort. I made some progress on that yesterday afternoon and I now have 4,200 words which are probably worth handing in. Some way to go, though - there must be some marks in the last 800 words.

Went to M&S this morning for a pair of shoes I saw on the net. But in real life, the trim was not quite the right colour for my dress for the wedding. But then I impulse bought a summer jacket - crease-proof and with a vibrant floral print. So the trip was worth-while and we did not waste the petrol. And I drove there and back without anyone hooting or flashing or making rude signs!! (My confidence at driving is very low these days).

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


It's very difficult to motivate yourself when the University aren't doing their bit. We have been told that the results are imminent for over a week and still no results and no announcement. Also one of the tutors did not understand the timetable. So the two weeks at the beginning when I was waiting for something to happen were a mistake. And now we have loads of work to do at the end of the module and I've just lost two weeks for being on holiday and I have other commitments and I still haven't written the last 1,000 words.

Time to decide on toe nail colour for Summer (if it happens). Purple? Red? Glitter?

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I'm getting really annoyed

The timetable says the result for the grammar assessment should have been returned at the end of last week. They have already told us that this means that the tutor returns it to the course administrator, who then processes it. So I asked her which day she would be able to return the results to us. And she hasn't got them yet. They are still marking. Busy with exams and undergraduates, who seem to take priority over us. Why are we always at the bottom of the heap? I really need to know how I am doing. I need to approach the Course Director and suggest a serious Service Level Agreement for this course. What we do. What they do. Timescales. Penalties.

Out of sight. Out of mind.

Saturday, 16 June 2012


Thanks to my followers - I hope I'm not putting off anyone thinking of studying at a later age than usual. Its all worthwhile really, honest!!
I am nervous about my grammar result, which should appear early next week.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Do I get a summer holiday?

I just need a rest. I am still working on the Cameron/Miliband speech comparison. But sometimes I feel de-mob happy and want to play all day. But just this one and then I get August and a bit of September off. Coming back to the speeches .... I am looking for political ideology but to be honest if you swapped the speeches over I'm not sure you'd notice the difference. Maybe that's the point.

And another thing. We are analysing using a piece of software that looks for words used in one speech but not in the other. So if they were both just talking about the economy, that wouldn't show up as a difference, even if they were suggesting totally different ways of dealing with it. So I'm unconvinced about this as a method. But maybe all will become apparent in the next teaching module, due on Saturday.

And the results of the grammar book comparison are due out early next week.

Meanwhile my first summer foot nail varnish - pale pink - is looking good and Old Faithful has done a good job on my hair this time. I wish I could wear summer clothes but its too cold and too wet.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

There are a lot of us

Yesterday the Guardian had an article about people over 60 who drastically changed their lives by learning something new. Mostly something completely different from what they had done so far. There were impressive stories in the article and then people added comments on their own experiences. Its really good to see positive (and not patronizing) stories about people who are still in their prime.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

We're all partied out

Yesterday we went to an open-air lunch, which was very enjoyable. But I've never been to two parties in two days before. And both times we toasted the Queen, which very few people of my generation have ever done before - we weren't even quite sure how to. And then we stayed up late to watch the end of the Jubilee concert. I know McCartney is not what he was but he still has amazing presence. Now I'm exhausted. But I need to get on with the essay. 5,000 words before early August but I've got two holidays before then.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee

We're ready for our flotilla party. Coronation chicken and posh fish paste made. Quiches turned out and ham cooked. TSH has made two good salads. Blue marble table dressed with red napkins and white plates. Flags in vases. I'm wearing blue trousers, white T shirt, red and blue jewellery. And a black cardigan because its freezing cold. And silver sparkly nail polish.

No essay today but its taking shape. I just need to understand more about what ideology is. In linguistics, its not just about politics, its also about power and how the speaker positions herself in the world.