Wednesday, 27 June 2012


It's very difficult to motivate yourself when the University aren't doing their bit. We have been told that the results are imminent for over a week and still no results and no announcement. Also one of the tutors did not understand the timetable. So the two weeks at the beginning when I was waiting for something to happen were a mistake. And now we have loads of work to do at the end of the module and I've just lost two weeks for being on holiday and I have other commitments and I still haven't written the last 1,000 words.

Time to decide on toe nail colour for Summer (if it happens). Purple? Red? Glitter?


  1. If it's any consolation the administration on my MA course (Victorian Studies) was dire. Timetabling, seminar dates, course information, assignments information was often either wrong, in the wrong place or just not sent out to us. We complained at every feedback meeting, but as far as I know nothing much has changed. I think academics sometimes pride themselves on their lack of organisational skills! We had to be proactive, we set up a Facebook group and communicated that way. If someone managed to find out information then we shared it on the group page.
    It is discouraging, particularly in view of the fees paid.
    Good luck with the last 1,000 words & I recommemd Red, as bright as possible.

  2. Now I would say glitter! Although red is good too ... Good luck from me too with those 1000 words. And thank you for your comment on my blog. It meant a lot x