Monday, 27 February 2012

Looking for an outfit

I have had my first serious attempt to try on outfits for TSH's daughter's wedding. I didn't find 'the one' but I spoke to a boutique owner who said she favoured 'eccentric' clothes. She is very stylish but am I ready for 'eccentric'?  But 'eccentric' is perhaps more me than pastel lace. She said she is waiting for an outfit that would be ideal for me - navy and a long skirt. Could be OK.

We now have the next three weeks worth of work available so I can get on with things. I am really enjoying studying grammar and the way the classic models (noun, verb etc) are inadequate and we need something more flexible and expressive, linked to meaning.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Nothing's resolved

The latest MA session is still not loaded because the tutor is sick. The Head of Department has  apologised to us all but this is really not good enough.

And Tai Chi has become totally beyond me. I am still learning the first new move from last Autumn - since then he has made what seems like dozens of changes. I am totally lost and getting through the lessons by having an 'out of body experience'. I do this sometimes - just pretend I am not there and it is nothing to do with me and it can't affect me. I'm not sure how long this can go on - when I get like this, sooner ot later I explode.

Monday, 20 February 2012

We've got our new room

We went to IKEA today and bought two small leather arm-chairs and an acrylic desk chair. The room is now complete and minimally beautiful.

My MA has come to a halt. I completed the last activity but the new session, due the weekend just gone, is not yet available. I think its because some people have got behind, but they really have to stick to the timetable, even if they let people hand in work late. What if I go on a cruise towards the end of the course? No-one will be bothered about that.

My hair is a good shape but too short. Old Faithful tries to 'do it different every time' but I just want a good, consistent cut. Pedicure on Wednesday. Silver glitter? Or purple?

Still thinking a lot about outfit for TSH's daughter's weddding.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Henry V

We saw a Propeller production of Henry V yesterday and were so impressed by the way they brought it to life. They stuck to the script but in a very physical way - running around the theatre as well as the stage itself. It was interspersed with singing and chanting - they are all very talented in lots of ways. There were smells too - incense, beer and the leek one of them ate (raw!) on stage. Shakespeare would have approved.

I have eventually drawn a line under my correspondence with the OU about my bad project result. They refuse to supply any meaningful feedback or to allow me to pay a tutor to do so. Their teaching materials and teaching methods are brilliant but it is a sausage machine and if you need to be treated like an individual you should go elsewhere.

My hair needs cutting - booked in with Old Faithful in a few days time.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Cultured this week

Last night we went to see 'A Winters Tale' performed by the all-male Propeller group. It was excellent - they did the tragic parts in a very dramatic way but the comic part was more like a pantomime set at a rock concert (you had to be there). It is touring at the moment - much to be recommended. On Saturday, we are going to see them do Henry V.

I have been wondering why the next part of my distance learning course has not been made available - it was due to be on the web-site last weekend. It turns out that some people have got behind, communicated privately with the tutor and as a result it has been held back. But I like to get ahead, to accommodate our holidays, and I am sure that they won't be sympathetic about that when it comes to the time for handing in the next assignment. So I am more than a little miffed about it.

But now that its appeared, it is interesting - all about different sentence constructions (declarative, interrogative, imperative etc) and the task is to transcribe a few minutes of speech and label the clauses with the categories. This is not as trivial as it might sound, as we have to look at the real intention of the sentence. For example, 'Could you close the door' is structured like a question but really its a command. I love that kind of analysis - its why I'm doing the course.

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

They've gone!

The room is now a beautiful white on white - so clean and airy compared to the way it was before. The floor will be dark, but that has not been laid yet. We have cleaned up most of the dust and it feels like our house again, instead of the building site it turned into last week.

TSH's daughter has ordered her stunning wedding dress and he thinks that most things are now organised (venue and dress). He has no idea about veils, tiaras, shoes, napkins etc etc. Well, neither have I, really. Even though I've been married twice, I never had that kind of wedding. When I married TSH, we took along a Beatles compilation album. We had no plan about when it would be played. They played it throughout and we said 'I do' to the strains of 'I'm a Loser'. When we got outside, we - and several of our guests - had been clamped. It was a memorable day.

I keep looking at web sites for what I'm going to wear. I want a big hat!!