Monday, 31 December 2012


The next person to view this blog will be the 2,000th. Not a lot, I know, but all interest is much appreciated. Welcome and thank you.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Cupcakes in pictures

Cup cakes decorated yesterday. I made the cakes but I can't decorate so the worst ones are the ones I did. Others done by TSH, his son and daughter and their partners.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Almost ready

All rooms done for visitors, trees up, presents wrapped, food lists made, cards up, all our cards sent.
Meal ready for those arriving today. Totally frazzled.

I thought I was a student. Not a party organiser. Or a cook. Or a cleaner.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Cake done

The cake - baked in September and fed many times with brandy  - now has marzipan on and a layer of marzipan stars on top. Silver ribbon with stars wrapped tightly all round. It looks OK but I think the cake will be better than the decoration. Trying to devise meals for the holiday period (yes, I know the shops only close for one day) and its difficult when I don't know who will be here. So I'm overbuying, like everybody else, but I'll use the freezer - before and afterwards - to cut the waste. Not much gets thrown away here.

I've got writer's block on the assignment - probably because all I can think about is vegan cake recipes and ham glazes.

My toe nails are done - signature purple and silver glitter - but my hands are still in a bad state after the gel nails for the wedding so they will probably stay as they are. Can't decide what to wear for each day.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Getting organised

I have printed out the texts for my assignment. The Shipman and Norfolk trial extracts have been divided into questioners and defendants and analysed into clauses. Then I've calculated lots of metrics, such as lexical words and how the speakers' 'turn-taking' is organised. I've pinned all the spreadsheets round our office, which does not look good but means I can see everything at a glance. TSH is not happy with this and keeps asking when they are coming down.

Monday, 10 December 2012


So the back is bearable now. But it hasn't gone away, even though I can now do most things again. But at least I've been able to get on with the essay - I'm about half way there with it. I'm looking at politeness now. If you say to someone 'Get your hair cut', that's quite rude but 'I think you should get your hair cut' is better and 'Have you thought of getting your hair cut?' quite polite. So I'll look to see if the lawyers are helping to 'save face' for the defendants or whether they are just rude.
We are also planning Christmas - we have most presents now but the food is still vague. We are not sure who will be here when or for how long. The Christmas cake has now been fed with brandy over many weeks so it should be rich and moist. The Amazon boycott did not last. There is nowhere else to get things as conveniently or cheaply. But I now buy with great resentment.