Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Getting there

I have revised large parts of the dissertation and put the Table and Figure headings in, which starts to make it look very organised. I am currently working on sorting out the references, which aren't that many. I have kept reasonable records but there are still things that need checking.

I have lost all connection between what I'm doing and analysing Cohen's language. A lot of the joy has gone because I am useless at writing it up in the right style. And I always used to be praised for my business reports. And I'm a linguistics student! What has happened to me?

I am feeling very old because of my leg. I can do stairs one step at a time and I now have a limp. I can't have my daily walk, which is really important for fitness and I am dubious about ever going back to Tai Chi because it puts a strain on the knees if not done perfectly. And I'm far from perfect!

But tonight I'm having glitter on my feet because we are going to a party on Saturday and I might wear my silver sandals. Still haven't chosen the outfit.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Home again

We've just returned from a really enjoyable holiday in Eastern England, blogged here:

And I've got a problem with the ligament in my leg, so I'm supposed to rest with my feet up. I'm trying my best, but sitting still when there's a mound of washing to be dealt with is really not my forte. But TSH is doing his best, so I'm on lighter duties than usual.

Last night we went to the cinema screening of the National Theatre's 'Curious Incident of the Dog in the night'. A very clever adaptation of a book which is written completely from Christopher's point of view, which is difficult to portray on stage. The actor who played Christopher was brilliant, but must have been physically and mentally exhausted at the end. These screenings are a cheap and convenient way for those of us 'oop north' to see the best performances without the expense of a trip to London. They also plan to screen something about the British Museum Vikings exhibition.

I have resumed work on the dissertation by writing up the notes I made on holiday. Next I am going to address Cohen's use of 'the'. I have written a lot already but its a bit muddled and I intend to sort it out today. I'm up to almost 15,000 words, so I have more than enough for the required 12,500.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

On the road again

There may be no posts here for the next few weeks as we are travelling and using the other blog:    https ://

Thursday, 1 May 2014

A good night out

We went to see Northern Broadsides perform 'An August Bank Holiday Lark', which is their WW1 tribute. It is set in an East Lancashire village in 1914 and has lots of singing and clog dancing. Funny and tragic. How could they send those young men to die? At one dramatic point, Barrie Rutter was alone on stage, without speaking, for what we estimate was about three minutes. And you could have heard a pin drop, even though until then there was laughing and whispering and coughing etc. etc. I have never seen an actor hold an audience like that before. Barrie Rutter has amazing charisma.

This blog has now had just over 8,000 views - thanks for visiting.

I haven't touched the dissertation for a few days. I refuse to give up but I refuse to alter everything I have written. I will write what I want to write.