Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Getting there

I have revised large parts of the dissertation and put the Table and Figure headings in, which starts to make it look very organised. I am currently working on sorting out the references, which aren't that many. I have kept reasonable records but there are still things that need checking.

I have lost all connection between what I'm doing and analysing Cohen's language. A lot of the joy has gone because I am useless at writing it up in the right style. And I always used to be praised for my business reports. And I'm a linguistics student! What has happened to me?

I am feeling very old because of my leg. I can do stairs one step at a time and I now have a limp. I can't have my daily walk, which is really important for fitness and I am dubious about ever going back to Tai Chi because it puts a strain on the knees if not done perfectly. And I'm far from perfect!

But tonight I'm having glitter on my feet because we are going to a party on Saturday and I might wear my silver sandals. Still haven't chosen the outfit.

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