Friday, 24 May 2013

Stylistics assessment

The question for the assessment has now been posted. Very straight-forward - a choice of 4 texts for stylistic analysis. I have chosen the flash fiction - a complete short story in 295 words. And I have to write 5,000 words about the language choices and effects. Am I making it difficult for myself? But I don't fancy any of the others and for discourse analysis I wrote 5,000 words about a marketing postcard - I don't have a mark yet.

I listened to an eye witness report on the radio today and the woman speaking made two classic language choices. 'I am standing there watching it happen' - the dramatic present  tense and 'At first I thought it was a car crash' - establishing herself as a trusted narrator whose thought patterns are just the same as everyone else's. I still find it slightly surprising when the theory they teach us can be observed in practice in such a classic way.

Hair cut and styled today and nails sparkly purple. Roll on summer!

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