Monday, 6 May 2013


The learning advisor has read some of my work and sent good feedback. Overall, my work is 'scientific' and detached, without any wondering aloud. I think 'scientific' is an insult in these circles. I have spent over 40 years developing that style, starting with my maths degree and then in writing business reports. When I was an IT security advisor, I couldn't wonder aloud if people should do backups and have up-to-date virus control. I was expected to quote the relevant business standard and tell them to get on with it. So that style is my USP and I think I'll stick with it. After all, the study of language should be methodical and subject to the scientific process.

Some of her other comments about me not explaining all the details of my argument are very valid, though. Could do better. Will do better.

Today is warm - the first outing this year for cropped trousers and a linen top. Out of doors!

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