Sunday, 5 May 2013

Best zoo - Chester

A day at Chester Zoo was our best day out in ages. Actually, the weather has been so awful it was our first day out in ages. Sunny warm(ish) weather so most of the animals were on view. Spectacled bears, baby giraffe, baby okapi, baby rhino. And we saw the elephants having their shower - well, some of them did. Some of them don't like water and they lurked well out of range. There were two baby elephants and we saw a group of females (communal young rearing) use herd persuasion to get one of the babies into the pool. And the most exciting bit was two jaguars fighting over a sack. The most dramatic bit of jaguar action we have ever seen. And TSH got a photo!!

Stylistics analysis is the scene in Atonement where Celia and Robbie are by the water. They struggle over an antique vase, break it and Celia strips off, goes in and retrieves the bits before stalking off. And then we get Bryony's version from an upper window. She thinks he's proposed!!  Fascinating comparison.

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