Saturday, 18 May 2013

Collision and Quince

So we are back home after a short trip to North Yorkshire. If anybody is interested in the details, I have started another blog about our travels:

I have done a bit of work for the course whilst we were away and kept an eye on the university web-site. There is not much activity there and everyone seems very behind with the work.

Not a good morning - we went to a shop which wasn't the usual one, didn't consult the list and forgot the chicken for our meal tonight. So we popped into out local Sainsbury's on the way back and on return to the car found that someone had run into it. She was very apologetic but its only a couple of weeks since it came back from the bodyshop from its last incident. Still, its only a car.

Back home, TSH is counting flowers on the quince to see if its better than last year, whilst I obsess about the washing mound on the kitchen floor.

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