Thursday, 1 May 2014

A good night out

We went to see Northern Broadsides perform 'An August Bank Holiday Lark', which is their WW1 tribute. It is set in an East Lancashire village in 1914 and has lots of singing and clog dancing. Funny and tragic. How could they send those young men to die? At one dramatic point, Barrie Rutter was alone on stage, without speaking, for what we estimate was about three minutes. And you could have heard a pin drop, even though until then there was laughing and whispering and coughing etc. etc. I have never seen an actor hold an audience like that before. Barrie Rutter has amazing charisma.

This blog has now had just over 8,000 views - thanks for visiting.

I haven't touched the dissertation for a few days. I refuse to give up but I refuse to alter everything I have written. I will write what I want to write.

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