Monday, 10 December 2012


So the back is bearable now. But it hasn't gone away, even though I can now do most things again. But at least I've been able to get on with the essay - I'm about half way there with it. I'm looking at politeness now. If you say to someone 'Get your hair cut', that's quite rude but 'I think you should get your hair cut' is better and 'Have you thought of getting your hair cut?' quite polite. So I'll look to see if the lawyers are helping to 'save face' for the defendants or whether they are just rude.
We are also planning Christmas - we have most presents now but the food is still vague. We are not sure who will be here when or for how long. The Christmas cake has now been fed with brandy over many weeks so it should be rich and moist. The Amazon boycott did not last. There is nowhere else to get things as conveniently or cheaply. But I now buy with great resentment.

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