Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A bit better

At its worst, my back was so bad I couldn't even turn over in bed. I had to get out and then get in from a different angle - taking about ten minutes. But the last couple of days it has loosened up through the day and by evening its bearable. But bad again in the mornings.

I walked into town again today for the first time for over a week because I has a hair appointment. Old Faithful has done me another good cut and said 'its really better choppy on top'. I always ask for 'choppy on top' - complicated bits of longer hair were always his idea done without consultation. The salon was like Clapham junction. Lots of people arriving and clattering about. He kept starting conversations with me and then deciding someone else's conversation was more interesting. Probably true but so rude! When I have my hair done, it should be all about me.

Made some progress on the trial transcripts yesterday - I'm really enjoying this one. The Shipman trial asks really precise questions but the Duke of Norfolk one asks him about four things at once and then lets him give long answers which I don't think would be allowed in a modern trial.

We're thinking of boycotting Amazon this year because they don't pay their tax. But I'm shocked at how few other outlets with a wide range there are now. And one CD costs around £10 at Amazon and around £20 elsewhere. So people would get less in their parcels! Its a tough one - why don't they just announce they will pay up?

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