Friday, 16 November 2012

Bad back

This is not fair. I have felt so well since the eye appointment. And I felt my back go when I emptied the dishwasher. And I can hardly move. I have had this before but not for many years. I don't remember it this bad - I usually managed to go to work and walk round regularly to keep it moving. Maybe I'm just a wimp now.

I really wanted to get on with my History of English assessment but I can't concentrate at all. I've analysed the speeches into clauses and I've got spreadsheets where I'm counting number of clauses, number of speech acts and how much  the defendant, as opposed to the questioner, speaks. That close work is not good for a back which needs to be kept supple. Except it isn't supple at all just now. Everything is agony. No walk into town this morning and no Tai Chi.

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