Saturday, 10 November 2012

Busy social life

This week we have been out four nights running - twice to the opera, once to the local History Group and once to the launch of my sister's new novel ( ) . We saw Don Giovanni and Faust, both of which were enjoyable for us but neither of which had good reviews. But it is difficult to judge when you have not seen either of them before. Now we are looking forward to a quieter time.

I am composing a note for my tutor about my analysis. Do I carry it out manually or do I use a concordance, which does some of the work for you but probably gives a less accurate result? And how many words do I analyse - 500? 1000? And which methodology do I use? At MA level, you have to be a lot more specific than just 'compare and contrast'. Am I looking at causative subordination? Or wh - relative clauses? I need a 5,000 word essay out of this.

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