Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Cake done

The cake - baked in September and fed many times with brandy  - now has marzipan on and a layer of marzipan stars on top. Silver ribbon with stars wrapped tightly all round. It looks OK but I think the cake will be better than the decoration. Trying to devise meals for the holiday period (yes, I know the shops only close for one day) and its difficult when I don't know who will be here. So I'm overbuying, like everybody else, but I'll use the freezer - before and afterwards - to cut the waste. Not much gets thrown away here.

I've got writer's block on the assignment - probably because all I can think about is vegan cake recipes and ham glazes.

My toe nails are done - signature purple and silver glitter - but my hands are still in a bad state after the gel nails for the wedding so they will probably stay as they are. Can't decide what to wear for each day.

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