Wednesday, 8 February 2012

They've gone!

The room is now a beautiful white on white - so clean and airy compared to the way it was before. The floor will be dark, but that has not been laid yet. We have cleaned up most of the dust and it feels like our house again, instead of the building site it turned into last week.

TSH's daughter has ordered her stunning wedding dress and he thinks that most things are now organised (venue and dress). He has no idea about veils, tiaras, shoes, napkins etc etc. Well, neither have I, really. Even though I've been married twice, I never had that kind of wedding. When I married TSH, we took along a Beatles compilation album. We had no plan about when it would be played. They played it throughout and we said 'I do' to the strains of 'I'm a Loser'. When we got outside, we - and several of our guests - had been clamped. It was a memorable day.

I keep looking at web sites for what I'm going to wear. I want a big hat!!

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