Monday, 20 February 2012

We've got our new room

We went to IKEA today and bought two small leather arm-chairs and an acrylic desk chair. The room is now complete and minimally beautiful.

My MA has come to a halt. I completed the last activity but the new session, due the weekend just gone, is not yet available. I think its because some people have got behind, but they really have to stick to the timetable, even if they let people hand in work late. What if I go on a cruise towards the end of the course? No-one will be bothered about that.

My hair is a good shape but too short. Old Faithful tries to 'do it different every time' but I just want a good, consistent cut. Pedicure on Wednesday. Silver glitter? Or purple?

Still thinking a lot about outfit for TSH's daughter's weddding.

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