Sunday, 12 February 2012

Henry V

We saw a Propeller production of Henry V yesterday and were so impressed by the way they brought it to life. They stuck to the script but in a very physical way - running around the theatre as well as the stage itself. It was interspersed with singing and chanting - they are all very talented in lots of ways. There were smells too - incense, beer and the leek one of them ate (raw!) on stage. Shakespeare would have approved.

I have eventually drawn a line under my correspondence with the OU about my bad project result. They refuse to supply any meaningful feedback or to allow me to pay a tutor to do so. Their teaching materials and teaching methods are brilliant but it is a sausage machine and if you need to be treated like an individual you should go elsewhere.

My hair needs cutting - booked in with Old Faithful in a few days time.

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