Thursday, 14 June 2012

Do I get a summer holiday?

I just need a rest. I am still working on the Cameron/Miliband speech comparison. But sometimes I feel de-mob happy and want to play all day. But just this one and then I get August and a bit of September off. Coming back to the speeches .... I am looking for political ideology but to be honest if you swapped the speeches over I'm not sure you'd notice the difference. Maybe that's the point.

And another thing. We are analysing using a piece of software that looks for words used in one speech but not in the other. So if they were both just talking about the economy, that wouldn't show up as a difference, even if they were suggesting totally different ways of dealing with it. So I'm unconvinced about this as a method. But maybe all will become apparent in the next teaching module, due on Saturday.

And the results of the grammar book comparison are due out early next week.

Meanwhile my first summer foot nail varnish - pale pink - is looking good and Old Faithful has done a good job on my hair this time. I wish I could wear summer clothes but its too cold and too wet.

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