Friday, 29 June 2012


I got 63 for my grammar, which is at the higher end of average, so that's fine by me. Some of the comments were a bit scathing - I called the passive a tense when its a voice, which actually I know perfectly well. So there are a lot of improvements I could make to my next effort. I made some progress on that yesterday afternoon and I now have 4,200 words which are probably worth handing in. Some way to go, though - there must be some marks in the last 800 words.

Went to M&S this morning for a pair of shoes I saw on the net. But in real life, the trim was not quite the right colour for my dress for the wedding. But then I impulse bought a summer jacket - crease-proof and with a vibrant floral print. So the trip was worth-while and we did not waste the petrol. And I drove there and back without anyone hooting or flashing or making rude signs!! (My confidence at driving is very low these days).

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