Tuesday, 3 July 2012

A hotel

Hotels are never clean enough for me. But a crack in the wash-basin? When the manager appeared, I said I had had to anti-bac it. 'Why?' he asked innocently. 'Was it dirty?'  'You can't see germs', I informed him. And the conversation went downhill from there.

Have I said I'm asthmatic? So everywhere has to be dust-free. But hotels never are, and I just have to get over it. But a teddy bear on the bed? (I think they were trying to sell it to me). So by now I was wound up and I hurled it across the room. Knocked our bottle of red wine over. The manager had left the room in terror by now, thank goodness. But the high moral ground had just sunk beneath my feet. But TSH is great with tissues and they had used an excellent carpet protector.

I have always been on a short fuse. Known for it.

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