Friday, 15 November 2013

Linguistics and Logistics

Meeting with S went well - I think he'll be very helpful. No rain, so hair stayed in place and no raincoat needed.

I need to set up a comparison corpus of pop lyrics and we decided on the top three lyrics from each year Cohen released an album. That will be a mixed bag!!

Some reading needed and also I need to start with the structure of the dissertation - Table of Contents and Intro.

Meanwhile .... house full of guests and much cooking needed. Brownies and meatballs and cakes and ........

Now they've gone and its a mound of sheets and towels and our own  neglected washing.

Some guests had a new soft toy and insisted on a haiku for it. And there's to be a new addition to the family who will need a haiku. It's like being Poet Laureate - I hope inspiration strikes.

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