Monday, 22 January 2018

Me doing biology!!!!

I have been reading about cell types and organisms. This is not really my thing and I hope that I can do just enough to get through - I have no intention of doing any more biology if I can avoid it. It seems like a massive memory test to me. If you go to IRL lectures, you would hear the words over and over again and they might go in, but it is very difficult just reading and writing about them. 

 I tried the virtual microscope practical this afternoon (they have a page set up so that you can replicate most of the functions of a real microscope) and they said to allow about an hour. But they are asking for measurements on 45 slides. Even at 5 mins per slide (and my first few took a lot longer than that), it would take around 3 and a half hours!! Have I read it wrong?

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