Sunday, 14 August 2011

Working on my final project for my last undergraduate course - a linguistic comparison of a speech by Emmeline Pankhurst with one by Nelson Mandela. They look very similar at first but there are some amazing differences. She is quite chatty but he does not really address his immediate audience at all - he is speaking for the the world at large, not to those in the room.

Still trying to sort out what I need to do about my eyes. I have had a posterial vitreous detachment (use wiki), which is very common in people my age. Fortunately no retinal tear so no need for surgery. I now have floaters in my eye a lot of the time. I am told I now need eye tests every 12 months instead of the normal 2 years, but there is some red tape to deal with to arrange this. When I am 60 later this month, I qualify for free eye tests. Never thought this would come - I've always paid for everything.

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