Wednesday, 31 August 2011

OK so far

My hair is OK this morning but I still needed to use my straightners, which I was hoping not to take to Paris next week. We are going on Eurostar so we need to minimise luggage. I already have a rail up in the spare room and I'm trying to coordinate outfits, jewellery etc. And which bag? I can probably only take one. Good job I have a Kindle so I need not carry books.

My Pankhurst/Mandela analysis is pretty well finished but I need feedback from my tutor before I can finalise it. That might take some time as I will need to copy some Excel sheets into Word tables, which is the only allowable format. I am sure it will take ages to reorganise them to look smart. But Excel is so much easier if you want to add and percentage, not to mention if you add or delete rows.

I am also trying to come to terms with phonetics - which parts of the mouth you use to make different sounds. Do they sound the same when you pinch your nose? Or put your fingers in your ears? The difference between b and p is so subtle, I have no idea how young children learn it so quickly.

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