Saturday, 10 September 2011

Back home

Can't decide if Eurostar is really easier than flying. No hassle with worrying abour luggage arriving - but you have to carry/pull it yourself. Very difficult to get it on and off train and no staff to help. Steps are higher than on a usual train in UK. I couldn't have managed to get my own bag on without TSH. I think if you live in SE England its probably better but I'm not sure for us Northerners.
I felt ignorant in Paris - I have only been there two or three times before (yes, I know, its so close!) and I don't know where anything is or much of the history. But we started with a boat tour and ended at the top of the Pompidou Centre looking at it all spread out in front of us. Two good ways to orientate! Bits of the language came back to me but my vocabulary is very limited.

We have some metro tickets left, so we're saving them for next  time.  We have agreed that in the absence of a better idea, we will go back for our 20th wedding anniversary in 10 years time.

Got the mark for my project proposal - another good mark, thank goodness.

Now back to the washing mountain.

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