Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Have we missed out?

Our house is pretty well an Olympic-free zone but there is so much hype now that I am wondering if it was the right decision. Everyone else is so enthused by it and I know the GB athletes (including the brilliant Northerners) have done really well. But TSH didn't want to watch it and I was totally put off all sport at school so it didn't seem worth starting. I was always the one left behind after they'd picked the teams! And I still can't swim, in spite of it being the only course of private lessons my parents ever arranged for me. I rode a bicycle for a few yards once but I never really mastered it and I'm sure I've totally forgotten it now. So the Olympics is not a natural interest. I would much rather have been part of the team which just put the Rover on Mars.

It's odd at the moment to have no reading and no assignments. So I've resumed work on my novel.

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  1. I have to say that I think you have missed out a bit. I am not sporty at all, but I have loved these games. I have watched so many sports usually never given a mention on TV or in the media: Handball, BMX cycling, Dressage, Water polo, Judo & even synchronised swimming, hockey & last, but not least the rowing & canoeing. I admit to finding the actual athletics less inspiring, apart from Jessica Ennis of course, but the Cycling in the Veladrome - Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny & Laura Trott - who actually lives down the road - I wouldn't have missed that. And the male gymnastic team had me in tears! If 50% of their enthusiasm, dedication & sheer grit could be passed onto the youngsters then these games would have been worth the billions spent. I really hope the over paid (male) prima donnas of football take note & clean up their acts & the media realises that (Male) football is not the only sport the British like to watch.