Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Today I unpacked my first smart phone. How do I use it? Why did I buy it? What is it for? I am completely baffled. And I worked in IT for 30 years.

I hope I can copy my contacts onto it. But I fear I will have to re-key them. And get input errors.

Yesterday I bought my shoes and bag for the wedding. I found a pair of heels I can wear without worrying all the time about falling over. And they have crystal bling on the front. I feel like they are my first grown-up shoes. Maybe they are - for years I have worn flats or very low heels.

And I got my mark for the corpus linguistics assignment comparing the speeches of Miliband and Cameron. Same mark as last time, so I'm not getting worse. But I 'failed to engage with the literature'. They say this every time and I keep saying I don't know how to and they never properly answer the question and I still don't know how to do it. Its probably obvious to all the A level teachers. But not to this IT nerd. Who doesn't know how to use a smartphone.

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