Thursday, 16 January 2014

Standing back

I felt I was getting a bit bogged down with it all so I summarised my findings and sent them to S. He was fairly encouraging and made some more suggestions. Part of my problem is that I am looking for patterns in the language use and not finding many. I suppose that is in itself a finding and suggests that Cohen uses a wide range of language. There is a wide variation in what his lyrics are 'about' and also in how he creates the song.

Had a good walk round Dunham Massey today. We saw the deer gathered together more than usual and wondered if they feed them in one place at this time of year so that they can more easily get to them if it snows. The winter garden is fabulous. Whoever designed it is a genius because they have retained some star plants and trees from before but opened it all up for planting of bulbs, dogwood and the amazing white-barked trees and shrubs.

I've just watched (on a webcam) my youngest sister receive her MA in librarianship. She got a distinction but I know I'm not going to match her at that one. My three younger sisters all have masters degrees so I NEED to get mine this year. Sibling rivalry is alive and well.

But in case anybody thinks we had a privileged start - we are from a working class family brought up in a Lancashire cotton town.

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