Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Old and young

We've been to visit TSH's 94 year old mother who is independent and alert and brilliant. That was immediately after visiting TSH's daughter and husband and the new grandson who is brilliant and becoming alert but not independent for a while yet.  So I've had another few days off.

But today I've looked at how Cohen is using 'there'. He mostly (66%ish of the time) uses it existentially - 'there are laws to obey' rather than 'standing there', indicating place. This shows that he writes with great authority - like an academic or an expert witness.

I've been amusing myself on youtube with extracts from Cohen concerts I have been to . When he sings 'Save the Last Dance for me' and 'Marianne', two big finishes with audience participation, he looks exhausted. But he gives an outstanding performance and he's nearly 80!

TSH has been ill with a stomach bug but hopefully OK now. I think I'm immune.

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