Saturday, 22 February 2014


My latest task is to carry out some computer analysis of the songs. I have already done quite a lot of work on this but I printed it out and read it and it was so disorganised I was ashamed. So I've gone right back to the spreadsheet and reworked it. I have 38 key words. These are words which Cohen uses more than the popular songs I am comparing him with. Its a statistical measure. Then I've checked whether these words are significant across the whole corpus or just in a small period. For instance, 'lover' is key but its all because there is one song 'lover, lover, lover ........', so it doesn't tell you much. And then I've drawn graphs. In colour. Then I can set criteria for how I choose which words to look at in more detail. I know it will all come down to 'the' and 'and' again.

Its getting warmer and I can't wear my winter jumpers any more. I had some good ones this year, which I really enjoyed wearing. So  is there anything in the wardrobe I've forgotten about? Or do I need new?

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