Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Some progress

I managed to write a few hundred words yesterday - focus on the way Cohen uses pronouns so its not clear who everybody is. Have listened to the new album again - still  love it.

Our Tai Chi class has been closed, which is concerning because its important for our health. And we have friends we only ever see there, so we'll never see them again. It was inevitable this would happen because numbers were dwindling but we never expected at the end of a class to be told there would be no more classes. So do we join another one? Or just give up, as I have not enjoyed the classes for years and found them more and more stressful. But TSH wants to go. And its a health thing.

We'll be glad when we get a new kitchen, as the dishwasher is giving more and more problems.

Baking Christmas cake this weekend.

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  1. Not quite true to say that there are no more classes. Just that you were asked to travel a couple of miles to one of our other classes. We've run this class at a loss for a long time because we don't easily take the decision to close classes. In any case you won't get any health benefits if you feel it is a stressful activity and you don't enjoy it.