Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Studentat60  isn't a student anymore, so for the first time since retirement 10 years ago, there is no schedule. Time has been used setting up a new mobile phone contract (it really is that complicated for me. I now have an O2 PAYG bundle, arranged by a charming man in the Retentions department at O2). We are also planning a new kitchen, which is even more complicated. Cupboards, appliances, worktops, tiles, taps, radiators, lights ........... All to be selected.

I still work but now as a writer rather than a student. So this blog will now cover the transition. The first set of analysis on all the Cohen lyrics is complete and the plan is to start putting ink on paper tomorrow. Today I am booked in for a manicure.

The examiner's meeting is on October 17th. So soon  after that I will find out if studentat60 is an MA.

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