Sunday, 2 November 2014


We have finalised the design for the kitchen. Its all high gloss black and white with a sparkly white work top, which will extend up the wall over the main worktop. The local company have worked for us before and will undertake all the work including taking the ceiling down to put up LED spotlights. 13 of them in the main kitchen. And we will seal off the kitchen and utility room so that its like a different property with its own entrance so no dirt gets into our house. We've hired a portaloo for the workers. We will be able to live as though nothing is happening. Well, no kitchen, sink or washing machine for up to four weeks!!

A little bit of analysis and writing has been done. This week its been all about the power balance between Cohen's characters. The narrator holds the power in only 3 songs. In the rest of them, he's dumped or abused by a woman or rendered powerless by the system.

The degree certificate arrived - its real and I got a Merit.

Less than three weeks to the cruise. Most Christmas shopping done but no cards written yet. And I've baked and frozen a flourless chocolate cake. We had visitors and ate half the Christmas ginger cake.

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