Monday, 12 January 2015

I'm back

I didn't manage 5,000 words but I got up to 4,500 so not bad for a holiday!!

I haven't been here for a while because I have not been able to progress the book at all. When we returned from the Amazon cruise, it was straight into 'prepare for Christmas' and our visitors and then 'clear up after Christmas'. And then it was time to make final preparations for the new kitchen installation. Right now, we have no kitchen. There's a microwave and a kettle in the dining room and we wash up in the bathroom. Its tough but we'll get used to it.

I'm hoping this is not just some kind of displacement activity to stop me making the effort. I think not because I'm still really interested and I have done a lot of work already. And I'm determined not to 'fill my day' like old retired women are supposed to. I was a student and now I'm a writer and I will finish this book. Restarted today - keeps my mind off the kitchen without a ceiling.

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