Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Back on the job

The kitchen is finished (except for the roller blind) and its everything we hoped. It is light and bright and we love the handleless cabinets everyone said we would regret. The fitters were pleasant and all the work is excellent. TSH had another moment when he decided to sand the ceiling and there was dust everywhere and he was not Popular. But that is now all in the past.

I'm back at work on the lyrics of Cohen. I have a workplan, with time-table. The first job is to prepare a paper which I am hoping to submit to 'Journal of Popular Music'. The first problem is Popular . (sorry about the puns - Cohen's latest album is called Popular Problems). So all the numerical data from the dissertation is now outdated. I have started reworking it all and although all the numbers have changed, the conclusions are not affected as far as I can tell at the moment. Phew!!

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