Thursday, 12 March 2015

New direction

I gave up on trying to write a paper for a journal. Their referencing scheme is different from the one I used in my MA and they require extra detail, like page numbers. And the university library has now, understandably, taken away my online access. So that's it. Sometimes its the final hoop when you realise 'this is not that important and I don't want to do it'.

It reminds me of when I was at work. I really enjoyed Information Security, which is an extremely challenging area. But a lot of the work around it did not interest me and I never understand why it was not done by people who were interested. I'm talking about budgets and targets and management strategy (which was always overturned by people higher up in the organisation). I think specialists should be just left to work on their core expertise. That's how the organisation gets the most out of them.

But I've done a bit more on the book - at least I can write that the way I want to write it. Distractions around the house are overwhelming me at the moment and I have written nothing today.

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