Wednesday, 12 October 2011

TSH calls me a p*****k

No, not when I got searched at airport security because they found the anti-bac gel I had forgotten I had in my camera case. At least it meant I was clean!

Not when I paid a car park fee and managed to lose the ticket in the two minutes before we arrived at the exit barrier.

Not when I put the 'Please Service my room' tag on the wrong way so that it read 'Do Not Disturb' and our room did not get cleaned.

It was when we were packing to come home and he was weighing the cases to check they were under 20K each. We had equalised and finalised and he had locked them and put the straps on. And then, in my hand luggage, I found my medical bag. Full of tablets and liquids. And a knife.

I wonder if I'll ever get my MA?

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