Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A day out

Went on the train to visit my sister for the day - I had no idea of the level of over-crowding that is now considered quite normal. I had booked a through train but when it arrived, it was completely full so that it was impossible to get through the doors. So I had to get a later train, which was almost as crowded, so that I had to stand and change at a busy station, which is what I had tried to avoid. I arrived an hour late. On the way back I had a seat, but for the last part of the journey it filled up again and I was worried about whether I would be able to make my way to the door. Passengers formed groups to force their way off - it was incredible.
All the regular travellers have been beaten (and worn out) into submission but all the time I was composing letters to David Cameron in my head. They would not allow animals to be transported like this!
I have complained to the train company and written to the Department of Transport and to my MP.

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