Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Is it getting better?

We are now doing pitch and intonation. I am OK with some of it because I can understand stress and how the way we break up a spoken sentence can change the meaning. (eg 'He spoke to me honestly' can have the 'honestly' as a separate group to emphasise the truth of the statement, or it can be part of the previous group because it is telling how he spoke). I am not so good at rising and falling because my ear is not good enough to detect it unless it is really obvious. But this is the first part of the course where I broadly understand what is going on. With all the problems I have had so far it is difficult to remember that in my last OU course I didn't get a mark less than a first.

I went into the Government Gateway web-site to get information about how much my state pension will be. They think I have a different surname - my record has been altered in some way and there will need to be an investigation. Is nothing straightforward?

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