Thursday, 17 November 2011

This week has been better

Tai Chi was much more manageable as he has modified the new moves and is now introducing them more slowly. Thank goodness for that - Tai Chi is a very important part of my health and exercise regime.

I have made some progress with the prosody assignment but have hit a snag. Some of the technical terms in the question have not been covered by the course and are not going to be covered by the course so they are advising me to try another question. But that was the only one I felt able to do! And I've already done loads of work. So I'll stick with it and use some definitions acquired from elsewhere and hope for the best. The main issue is that every linguist seems to define terms slightly differently.

Bought some new big cardigans for layering so I feel ready for the colder weather. But some nights I still spend some of the time under my 1-tog duvet. In mid-November!!

Good news from TSH's daughter, who has got engaged. Wedding next year.

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