Saturday, 19 November 2011

We went out in the evening

We don't go out much at night - even when we go to the theatre we mostly choose the matinee. But we went to see Opera North sing Gibert and Sullivan's Ruddigore. It is described as 'little performed' and the last time I saw it at an outdoor performance, I understood why. But this production was brilliant - excellent humour and comedy, even though some of it is a bit Gothic.

I received a voucher from East Midlands trains because of my letter of complaint about over-crowding. They call it over-crowding as if its the fault of the passengers. Really its under-provision. No apology or explanation or plan for improvement - I am keeping my MP in touch on this one.

Did I mention we have tickets for a Paul McCartney concert in December?

What will I wear for that? And for the wedding?

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