Sunday, 4 December 2011

Its going well

I have written about 4,000 of my 5,000 words on prosody and I am really enjoying it. I have a recording of an over dinner conversation between me and TSH and the analysis is fascinating. How does turn-taking really work? How do you know that the other person has finished? Most of the time we speak in a rhythm which is as predicted but all of a sudden we get interested in a topic and all the parameters go non-standard. I will be shocked now if I don't manage to pass this part of the course.

Only a couple of weeks now until I get my course result from the OU. I've got great hopes for a good mark from that one.

We've been busy entertaining this weekend - a dinner party on Friday night and Sunday lunch today.

Christmas shopping partly done - hair and nails appointments booked - what will I wear?

Did I mention we're going to see the Paul McCartney tour?

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