Tuesday, 6 December 2011

TSH is playing Leonard Cohen to cheer me up

I just got the result of my latest OU course and I'm appalled. All year I had no score lower than 85. My project proposal - which was very specifiec and detailed - got 87. And they've given me only 61 for the actual project!! I worked really hard on a linguistic comparison of speeches by Pankhurst and Mandela and I thought I did it to the same standard as the rest of the course - and I really enjoyed doing it!! If I'd got the same sort of mark as for my other work I would have got a distinction. I genuinely thought that the worst outcome was a Class 2. And they've given me Class 3. I know its just one course and I already have my BA and I don't want a job. But everyone likes to be appreciated.

And Leonard is droning away in the background about 'sentenced to death by the blues' and 'garden of freshly cut tears'. I can always rely on TSH.

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