Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Macca is amazing

He sang and played and joked around for almost three hours and we never even saw him take a drink of water. He's 69!! It was the most amazing evening - I think I enjoyed it even more than the exceellent concert he gave in about 2003. Of course, I saw him at the Apollo in Manchester in the 60s at the height of Beatlemania. This has to be the best, really.

His band are excellent and a real bunch of performers, especially the drummer. But Paul's ego and presence is much bigger than theirs (or anyone else's).

There were people of all ages and they all sang along and some danced. Some of the numbers were big productions with noise and fireworks and fast videos. My favourites are the quiter ones with Paul and guitar, keyboard or ukelele. He sang 'Something in the way you move' for George and one of his own songs for John. I've never seen him sing a Lennon song before but this time he led us all in a chant of 'Give Peace a Chance'.  I'm still high!!

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