Saturday, 5 November 2011

This is the first part I have enjoyed

They have published the assessment question for Spoken English. I have chosen the one about the prosody of a conversation (that means all the tone and the way it is broken up and stressed and whether the voice goes up or down). I still wasn't enthused but I set up the computer to record our ramblings over dinner last night and today I started to transcribe the result. It took me most of two hours to write out the basics of 6 minutes of conversation. And that was just the words! Well most of them - there are inaudible bits that I will need to work on. I haven't even started on the prosody bits yet.  But I like analysing real stretches of language and I think I might end up enjoying this.

There is no way I would have chosen the option of 5,000 words on the function of the larynx!!

I really was about to drop out and now I'm not.

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