Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Studentat60 is 62 today. A slightly depressing thought at first - I'll never be 61 again. Then I realised I'm still healthy and enjoying so many things. And learning. And researching. 62 is fine.

TSH did one of his special photo-montage home-made cards and this time the theme was Leonard Cohen in honour of my dissertation and the arena concert we're going to on Saturday. Lots of pics of LC himself plus a monkey and a violin. And lines from the songs. 'First we'll take Manhattan' (we're visiting New York soon), 'just drink it up' ( the line before that is something like 'is this poisoned?') and 'like a drunk in a midnight choir'. TSH is cooking his special sticky pork tonight.

Yesterday I looked at the Cohen lyrics and discovered that though there's lots of 'I' and 'you', there's hardly any 'we' or 'us'. The pronouns we use tell a lot about us. He is not a natural commitment person. Its the first discovery of my research.

We are starting to plan our wardrobes for the upcoming holiday. We will put our garment rails up at the weekend and make a serious start on coordination.


  1. Happy birthday and enjoy the concert!

  2. Happy Birthday!

    Have a wonderful time.