Friday, 23 August 2013


I've downloaded all the lyrics and gone through each one to make sure the repetitions are there in full. The software wont be able to analyse '....' for a chorus. Then I produced a file of all the lyrics for each album. Then I combined all the albums together. There's a spreadsheet listing each song with its word count. And when I produced the large file with all the lyrics, the word count balanced against the spreadsheet. It seemed like the first achievement. 26,038 words. My corpus.

Regular readers may have detected that I'm much more enthused by this research than I have been by any part of the course so far. That's because I enjoy working things out and analysing them for myself. I'm not really that interested in reading about what other people have done. But I know I'll have to, because this dissertation will have to slot into current academic linguistic thinking. So there will be plenty of boring bits to come.

For the moment I'm on a high.

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